Students attended the 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress

Physics majors Pragalv Karki and Andrew Larson attended the 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress in Orlando, Fla. during the week of Nov. 8-10. The Physics Congress (PhysCon) was hosted by Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society. The meeting brought together nation’s 800 physics undergraduate students at the same place for the very first time, which made it the largest gathering […]

Physics upperclassmen participated in the third annual University Physics Competition

Physics upperclassmen Meredith Mc Linn (junior), Pragalv Karki (senior) and Shouvik Bhattacharya (senior) participated in the University Physics Competition 2012. They modeled how masses of the exoplanets affect volcanic activity over time. They used principles of Thermodynamics and Planetary Sciences to solve this problem. Dr. Juan Cabanela served as the adviser of the team. The team was sponsored by the […]

Physics and Astronomy research presented at European Materials Research Society meeting

Work done in the Department of Physics and Astronomy was presented at the 2012 European Materials Research Society meeting in Strasbourg, France. Physics students Pragalv Karki, Ravindra Regmi, Tom Mooney, and Andrew Larson worked with Dr. Ananda Shastri to analyze proton motion in the sodium thio-hydroxogermanate proton conductors. Understanding these materials may lead to better fuel cell performance. The results […]