CADT student premieres grant winning film

Cinema Arts & Digital Technologies student, Conor Holt, premiered his latest film, “A Better Life” at the 2013 Fargo Film Festival. The project, which was produced through a Filmmaker’s Grant from the Minnesota Film & Television Board, concerns a woman’s efforts to deal with her comatose husband by means of a new, radical treatment. A number of CADT students and […]

Cinethusiasts Film Club volunteered at Prairie Public Television

On Tuesday, Nov. 28, five students from the Cinethusiasts Film Club volunteered at Prairie Public Television for the station’s pledge drive. Nate Bakke, Kelly Dunifon, Conor Holt, Kristen Jensen, and Patrick McKeown answered phone calls from local donors all evening, got a tour of the studio and enjoyed free food from the Fry’n Pan. Volunteering at Prairie Public has been a […]

MSUM students participate in 48-hour film competition

After 48 hours of writing, shooting, editing and delivering a short film, a team of MSUM film students won best picture at the Cinethusiasts 48-Hour Film Competition held on MSUM’s campus last weekend. Friday at 7 p.m. teams across the country were given a character and occupation, prop, line of dialogue and a genre. “We had to have a detective/cop […]