MSUM strategies position university for fiscally sustainable future

Minnesota State University Moorhead administrators have completed a process of consultation with their faculty union in advance of reductions in faculty positions stemming from lower student enrollment. In November, the administration outlined a projected deficit of $8 million by 2016. This deficit follows years of enrollment declines and state funding reductions of almost $7 million from 2008 to 2012.

Administrative proposal would eliminate projected deficit

A plan presented to the Minnesota State University Moorhead Faculty Association Dec. 5, 2013 outlines additional steps the university can take to avoid a projected $8 million deficit in 2016 and align resources with the University’s new strategic plan.  Within the plan, five low enrollment majors would be phased out and some academic departments merged. The plan would result in […]

Information on MSUM’s budget posted to Provost’s blog

Provost Anne Blackhurst presented faculty with an initial prioritization of academic units Nov. 20 for review and response. The list was prepared using quantifiable measures including the number of majors within each program. Faculty are being asked to respond by Nov. 26 with additional information including program history, quality, and strategic opportunities. Based on these additional factors, a revised list […]