McEwen awarded grant for environmental research in Arctic Alaska

Daniel McEwen, Department of Biosciences, was part of an interdisciplinary team that was awarded a 1.37 million dollar grant from […]

Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why we need a green revolution and how it can renew America

Looking for an interesting book to read over break? Try Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded. In his book, Friedman asserts that artificially triggered climate change is a deadly threat to society. Rising global population, accompanied by rising rates of resource and energy consumption as the developing world grows affluent, may overwhelm both the Earth and the marketplace. Only fundamental change in energy production and use—”a whole new system for powering our economy”—can stave off disaster. Yet there’s an upside. Hot, Flat, and Crowded contends: Radical change in energy use represents an opportunity for the United States to preserve its global economic leadership, by beating the world to clean-energy ideas that will sell. Click headline to read more.