Park published in Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education

Sungok “Reina” Park, the School of Teaching and Learning, published a research paper entitled “Developing preservice teachers’ sensitivity and confidence: […]

Faculty, doctoral student provide professional development sessions to Peruvian teachers

Boyd Bradbury (School of Teaching and Learning), Erin Gillett (STL), Marci Glessner (STL), Kathrina O’Connell (Educational Leadership doctoral student), and […]

Faculty, doctoral student present at Universidad Tecnológica del Perú

Boyd Bradbury, Erin Gillett, Marci Glessner, Kathrina O’Connell (Educational Leadership doctoral student), and Ximena Suarez-Sousa presented at the Universidad Tecnológica […]

School of Art students’ research highlighted for Women’s History Month

Last semester twelve students participated in Professor Anna S. Arnar’s “Curatorial Projects” seminar in which each student conducted research on […]