Econ & Business Student Faith Sycaoyao Contributes to ASSITEJ 2024 World Congress in Havana, Cuba

Faith Sycaoyao, a Economics and Business Administration student, has made a significant contribution to the 21st ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival in Havana, Cuba. Her insightful article, “How Can We Forge a Multicolored Global Path to Rejuvenated Childhood?” addresses key global issues affecting children and highlights the transformative power of art.

In her article, Faith explores how art can be a catalyst for change, helping to combat poverty, educational disparities, and climate change. She emphasizes the importance of listening to children’s voices and using art to raise awareness and mobilize support for those in need.

“Art can emerge as a potent change agent.” Faith writes. “Each of us can work together to open up windows of faith, hope, and passion, promoting a revitalized childhood for every child, globally.”

She also highlights alarming UNESCO statistics showing that 244 million children worldwide lack access to education. Through educational justice and nurturing young minds, Faith envisions a future where children are equipped with the sensitivity and charity to advocate for themselves and their peers.

Faith’s article resonates deeply with the mission of ASSITEJ, an international organization with a network of individuals in over 75 countries. They are likewise dedicated to promoting arts to every youngster. Her contribution to the World Congress aligns with the event’s goal of fostering global collaboration and celebrating diversity to create a brighter future for all children.

MSUM is proud to support and showcase the remarkable work of its students on international platforms. Faith Sycaoyao’s contribution to the ASSITEJ 2024 World Congress exemplifies the university’s commitment to nurturing compassionate, creative, and socially conscious individuals who strive to make a positive impact on the world.