Brandi Sillerud, Jitendra Singh featured in Area Woman magazine

MSUM Researchers Identify Adoption Hurdles, Offer Change-Management Approach

Brandi Sillerud, MSUM researcher and coordinator of the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program and Jitendra Singh, co-chair of MSUM’s School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership, are working with 15 healthcare organizations to identify barriers to artificial intelligence (AI) adoption and recommend strategies for expediting it. They also teamed up with Jitendra’s son, Advitya, an 8th grader at Horizon Middle School.

L to R: Dr. Jitendra Singh, Advitya Singh, Dr. Brandi Sillerud

In December 2023, the Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence published the trio’s paper about the first phase of their four-phase research initiative related to AI adoption and using an established change-management system to facilitate it.

AI is already applied in healthcare, with chatbots that answer questions and direct calls being the most noticeable examples, but the MSUM researchers say its significance for patients is much broader and goes much deeper.

“It’s transformational,” said Jitendra Singh. “AI’s impacts can be seen in patient engagement and education, identification of patterns from patient data, more accurate diagnoses, enhanced prognosis formulation, treatment planning and long-term condition management and administrative cost-containment. More importantly, it’s increasing the time providers can spend directly with patients.”

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