Office of Youth Outreach and CSHE collaborate to bring 600 students to campus

5th graders from Moorhead’s Horizon West Middle School visited campus last week for experiential hands-on learning activities in the sciences. Students were able to visit the Planetarium, Oceanarium and attend a science demonstration in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Experiences were led by Dr. Mazz Marry (Biosciences), Dr. Landon Bladow (Chemistry & Biochemistry), and Dr. Linda Winkler (Physics & Astronomy) with support from Dr. Katie Russart, Dr. Jeff Bodwin, Dr. Michelle Tigges, Cheryl Brown, Dana Carlson, Dr. Sara Schultz, Phil Larson, Chemistry & Biochemistry Club members, and others that helped make the event a success! In all, the entire Moorhead 5th grade visited campus throughout the week amounting to over 600 students. #DragonsLearn