The FPLC Wants Your Ideas! Show Interest In Suggested Community of Practice Topics & Reading Groups and Submit Your Own Ideas

The new Faculty & Professional Learning Center (FPLC) Committee will be looking for ideas for reading groups and communities of practice for mid to end of Fall 2022, and beyond!

A Community of Practice is a group of faculty and staff (open to all employees) that meet to discuss an area of common interest – including ideas and practices involving pedagogy, theory, and applied knowledge; as well as topics of personal and professional value such as stress management, leadership skills, and much more. These groups usually meet 4-5 times a semester, but it is up to the group. This activity supports any faculty, staff, or administrators who share similar interests and want to gather, learn, and discuss themes, goals and outcomes using a variety of resources and approaches.

A Reading Group functions similarly to a Community of Practice. A Reading Group focuses on a single book or a series of shorter readings in an area of common interest. These groups usually meet 4-5 times.

The time commitment depends on the interest-level and goals of the group.

At the end, the group will be asked to turn in a brief report, make a video, or present a summary of their findings, recommendations, or what they learned.

To indicate interest in a Community of Practice or Reading Group, or to send ideas for books or topics, simply fill out this form. These are just ideas to build from. Please supply your own suggestions too!

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