Sign up now to join the well-being challenge! This is your chance to build a healthy habit – and earn 100 points toward your well-being reward while you’re at it. (Remember, when you earn 300 points by Oct. 31, you’ll get $70 off your individual deductible next year!)

The challenge begins Aug. 2 and ends Aug. 29. Challenge yourself to focus on one of three healthy habits:

  • Eating healthy: eat only whole, unprocessed foods for the day
  • Getting active: do some form of exercise each day
  • Building gratitude: write down what you’re grateful for each day

Sign up now!

Sign up by logging in to your Virgin Pulse account. Follow the prompts to join the well-being challenge. You can select one, two, or all three habits.

To successfully complete the challenge, you must adopt the healthy habit for 23 of the 28 days. When you do, log in to Virgin Pulse and select “Yes” to get credit for the day. Find out more about how to track your healthy habits.

Want a little more motivation? Encourage your coworkers to sign up for it as well! You’ll also get reminders from Virgin Pulse throughout the challenge.

More information

The well-being program is offered to all benefit eligible employees enrolled in the Minnesota Advantage Plan. If you experience difficulties logging in to Virgin Pulse, please contact them at

Learn more about our well-being program and reward.


Jill Helm