Info for Students: What’s Happening in the Chauvin Trial

Content Warning: These videos discuss the Derek Chauvin Trial.

Dr. Katie Richardson Jens, a professor in the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department at MSUM, shares what is happening in the trial process. She is sharing her perspective as an educator and the information shared is not a legal opinion.

MSUM students, if you need resources or spaces to process the events, please visit the resource list we’ve put together. In addition, students are invited to a weekly gathering on Tuesdays from 3-4pm hosted by Counseling Services and Student Life that is designed as a safe space to connect with others, to process what is happening, or to listen to experiences as others share. Details on DragonCentral.

During a Q&A about the Chauvin Trial recorded on April 14, 2021, Dr. Jens provided information and responded to questions from audience members related to the Chauvin Trial. Watch the video here.

In these four videos, Dr. Jens will share information about different aspects of the trial process and context from the Chauvin Trial. These videos were recorded on April 6, 2021.

1. If you’re wondering “What are the charges in the Chauvin Trial and what does each mean?” Click to watch this video.

2. Not sure what the jury’s role is in a trial? Dr. Jens will explain in this video.

3. Curious to learn more about who all is in the courtroom during the trial and the impacts COVID has had? Check out this video where Dr. Jens discusses just that.

4. In search of a short recap of what happens at the start of a trial and how the process progressed during the first week? Dr. Jens shares an overview in this video.

Set up of the courtroom for social distancing and COVID precautions.