Student Academic Conference seeks volunteers

The Student Academic Conference is seeking volunteers to serve as either poster evaluators or moderators of oral presentations on April 20. There are three sessions during day: Session I from 9:40am to 11am, Session II from 12:40pm to 2pm, and Session III from 2:10pm to 3:30pm. Please contact indicating whether you would like to serve as poster evaluator or moderator of oral presentations as well as the session(s) in which you would like to serve.

Poster evaluators

Each poster presentation will have a Zoom link, interested audience members will click on it and visit a presentation. When someone enters the Zoom room, presenters should be able to provide a short overview of the project and answer questions a visitor might have. Students should share their screen with their poster.  Students should be available in their room for the duration of their session. The poster evaluator is to engage the student(s) and ask some questions. The poster evaluator can provide feedback to the student by filling a qualtrics survey.

Moderators of oral session

Oral presentations will be assigned a Zoom room. A moderator will be the host and introduce presenters and keep time. Presenters should be able to share slides to aid their presentation. In addition, the moderator is responsible to create a Zoom link for the time of the session and email it to presenters. The moderator can provide feedback to the student by filling a qualtrics survey.