Lee Garth Vigilant (Sociology & Criminal Justice), Ashley Heitkamp (Sociology ’19), and Amanda Heitkamp (Sociology ’17) have published in the peer-reviewed journal Sociological Inquiry. Their article, “If it does turn out to be herpes, try not to stress too much: The Contours of Emotional Support and Peer Diagnosis in an Online Sexual Health Community,” reports findings from a study of a group of non-aesculapian, peer-to-peer diagnosticians of sexually transmitted infections. Established in 1928, Sociological Inquiry is the official journal of Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society. Ashley received a Scholar’s Apprenticeship Scholarship to work on this project as Dr. Vigilant’s research assistant. The Scholar’s Apprenticeship program offers select undergraduates the opportunity to participate in research or creative activity in collaboration with a faculty member. This is Dr. Vigilant’s third peer-reviewed article with an undergraduate in the Scholars Apprenticeship program. Amanda is completing year two of Ph.D. studies in sociology at Bowling Green State University. Read their article here: http://doi.org/10.1111/soin.12424


Lee Garth Vigilant