College of Science, Health & the Environment

Friday, December 18, 2020 | 2 p.m.

Stream Ceremony

Order of Ceremony

Welcome | Dr. Elizabeth S. Nawrot, Dean of the College of Science, Health & the Environment
Introduction | Dr. Anne E. Blackhurst, President of Minnesota State University Moorhead
Commencement Address | Mr. Nathen Hendrickson*, B.A. Physical Education, Health Education, Class of 2007
Conferring Degrees & Presentation of Diplomas | Dr. Anne E. Blackhurst & Dr. Arrick L. Jackson, Vice President of Academic Affairs
College of Science, Health & the Environment| Dr. Elizabeth S. Nawrot
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science
Student Speaker | Ms. Anneliese Johnson, B.S. Life Science Education, Class of 2020
Graduate Studies | Dr. Lisa I. Karch, Dean of Graduate & Extended Learning
Master of Science
Closing | Alma Mater
Performed by MSUM University and Concert Choir
Produced by MSUM Student Colton Cook

Mr. Nathen Hendrickson, B.A. Physical Education, Health Education, Class of 2007

*Alumni speaker bio:
Nate Hendrickson is the Special Needs Director at TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics.  He received his B.S. degree in Health/Physical Education and Developmental Adapted Physical Education from MSUM.  His passion for influencing people through physical activity stems from his service in the Marine Corps.  The military uses physical fitness to promote confident individual’s, ultimately this is what TNT Kid’s Fitness is all about. He has been a professional at TNT since 2009, and has applied his education, 4 years in the Marine Corps, and experiences working with a broad range of ages and abilities to deepen awareness of the sport of gymnastics and physical activity as it relates to the development of youth/people. Nate is currently active in speaking, training, and consulting within our community and across the nation to better serve the needs of youth and people through the sport of gymnastics and physical activity.

Nate takes his life and professional experiences to encompass his holistic viewpoint of how we influence the students/athletes within our facility.  He has had the opportunity to work with, train, and be trained by other professionals to include: educators, therapists, psychologists, fitness professionals, parents, community organizations.  The philosophy is that the more understanding we have regarding child development the greater gymnastics/movement the students/athletes will achieve. Most importantly children will develop life skills that prepare them for future challenges. 

Nate feels very fortunate to work at TNT, he is driven by TNT’s focus to be an agent of change in our community. He has a passion about using gymnastics/movement to build confident, independent, and fit kids that will eventually be great contributors to their community. He believes that our future revolves around the energy that we invest in youth now.