Fall 2020 Pass/Fail Grading Option

In response to student and faculty concerns, MSUM will implement the Pass/Fail (P/F) grading option for the current Fall 2020 term, similar to Spring 2020. Students should carefully consider whether to use the (P/F) option and consult with their instructors and academic advisor before making any final decisions.

Undergraduate students: If you plan to use the P/F option for one or more courses, the form to request the change will be available beginning Dec. 9 through Dec. 21 until 4:30 pm. After Dec. 21, you can no longer change to the P/F option.

Graduate students are not eligible to change their letter grades to P/F due to program accreditation and/or licensing requirements.

The website below includes detailed information that will assist students in deciding whether or not to choose the P/F grading option. NOTE: The P/F request form will be available on this site, but not until December 9.

If you are not doing well in a course, you may also want to consider withdrawing. The deadline to withdraw from a full-term Fall 2020 course is Nov. 23 by 4:30 p.m. Students will still receive a ‘W’ on their academic record and will remain financially responsible for tuition and fees. If you are questioning whether or not to withdraw from a course(s), please contact your academic advisor.