A LASC 3 Lab course has been added to the spring 2021 schedule at MWF 2:00 – 2:50 p.m.!

Have you ever asked yourself:
“Where did the Universe come from?,”
“How did life on Earth begin?,”
“Is there life elsewhere in the Universe and how can we find it?,”
“How could we communicate with Extraterrestrial Intelligences?,”
and “How could humanity’s time on Earth end?” In this class, we will explore both our current understanding and how difficult questions can be addressed in a credibly scientific way. In addition to in-lecture coursework, lab-like activities are used to provide students the opportunity to plan, design, and execute their own investigations of these scientific concepts. Prerequisites: Curiosity (No formal prerequisites.)

Honors students should register for HON 324.

Questions?: Contact Prof. Juan Cabanela, cabanela@mnstate.edu