Meet one of MSUM’s public safety sergeants, Gabriel Ahnee. With a background as a military police officer, Gabriel is passionate about helping students and the campus feel safe and protected.

Start Date: February 19, 2020

Q: What drew you to MSUM?
A: I have worked in the military as a police officer for going on 6 years now and I was looking for a new way to challenge myself and grow as an individual. The opportunity to work in public safety seemed to align with that very well. The environment at MSUM was very welcoming as well!

Q: What is one thing that surprised you about MSUM?
A: After touring the campus and meeting new people, I was excited to find out that this campus has a very colorful history!

Q: What energizes you at work?
A: Learning new things is what keeps me motivated and energized every day. Time seems to fly by when I am learning something new on a daily basis!

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat in Fargo-Moorhead? Why?
A: I love food! For breakfast, no doubt, The Shack on Broadway in north Fargo is the place to go. For lunch and dinner, Sickies Garage by West Acres Mall is probably my favorite. I love a good burger and that place has a ton of options.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
A: Backpacking for a month or two in Southeast Asia has been on my bucket list since my mom went there for military training when I was a kid! And as I mentioned, I love food, so the enormous variety of food there is a big motivating factor!

Welcome to MSUM, Gabriel. We’re glad you joined the #DragonFamily!