MSUM alumna Katherine Young recently released her book How to Discuss Politics Online. The author has been working on the book for the last few years and is excited about the launch.

According to her blog, Young says through her book, “You will be able to see divisive content more objectively based on the marketing tactics used.”

She goes on to explain that the book is not meant to change anyone’s opinion but to simply help a person read and understand media content that may be muddled in various marketing tactics. The goal is for readers to know how to make informed decisions from what they see online.

The graphic design grad has had her share of experience with the online media world and wanted to share her knowledge. One of her most notable experiences was when she was recognized internationally for redesigning a magazine cover. She incorporated different ideas, playing off the original, to uplift young girls. Read more about her viral design journey in the Moorhead Magazine.

The book’s official release was on June 22. You can learn more about Young and about the book on her blog,