MSUM students behind the scenes: Academic Support Center

McKenna Togstad

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a tutor on campus? Economics major McKenna Togstad has worked in the Academic Support Center (ASC) as an economics tutor for several years while at MSUM.

Tutors in the ASC provide free academic support for all MSUM students across a wide variety of majors and minors. Since each tutor has taken the class they tutor for, they are a resource when it comes to answering questions and providing additional help. Outside of traditional tutoring practices such as homework help and test prep, tutors also assist students in developing their note-taking abilities and other study skills.

Assistant Director of the ASC, Loren Faught, says, “the best advice I give students is not to be afraid to ask questions and get help if needed. In the ASC, we are a team and are all here to help and support one another.” Currently, the ASC is using phone, email, and Zoom to communicate with students.

With Togstad’s experience working in the ASC, she has gained the ability to see things from a different perspective. While tutoring others in her major, she has seen how each student learns and operates differently. She also emphasizes how finding creative ways of solving a problem can help when working with a team.

The ASC currently has six full-time staff members, two graduate assistants, five student specialists, 35 tutors, and 17 peer advisors.  

Working on campus allows Togstad the opportunity to help other dragons succeed while improving her professional skills. “The faculty and staff you get to work with on-campus want to see you succeed both in and out of the classroom!” If you need tutoring assistance, please visit the ACS tutoring page.