Building Your Skills: Contribution & Influence

While you might think learning about contribution and influence is something you must do in a group, you can practice this from home! Resources from LinkedIn Learning are a great opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom and it also happens to be home to some of our own-your-own-time Pathway items.

Learn from home

Leadership Styles: What’s Yours (LinkedIn Learning) – Everyone is a leader; they might just have a different way of showing it! Take this LinkedIn Learning course to see how your leadership style comes through. It’ll help you be a more confident and competent leader.

Unconscious Bias Training (LinkedIn Learning) – Learn from your biases and how they affect you in the future through this LinkedIn Learning course. We can prevent our biases from ruling our decisions when we go out in the workplace.

Personal Skills Inventory – You can choose one from the list on DragonCentral, but an example for this would be the Clifton Strengths Finder. You can also do on-the-job training or talk to a supervisor to learn more about yourself and your skillset.

Reflect on Your Role in a Group – We’ve all been in groups, whether it was for a school or work project. Reflect on your role in one of those groups and think about the positive and negative things about it. If there’s an area you can improve, this is a great time to learn more!

Reflect on a Performance Review from a Job – If you’ve worked in a job and have gotten a performance review, hop over to DragonCentral to reflect on that experience.

Videos, podcasts, and articles

Exploring Personal Leadership (video and article) – Watch the video and read the article to complete this Pathway item: Everyday Leadership (video) and Leadership Philosophies (article). Use these to think about how you show leadership in everyday life and how you can show it even more.

Learn about Growth Mindset (video) – You’re at college to learn and grow, so watch Carol Dweck’s talk on the Growth Mindset. You’ll learn more about how you can put more effort into yourself.

Team Disagreements and Conflict (podcast and article) – For this Pathway item, listen to a podcast on Embracing Conflict and read this article about working through disagreement. We know that conflict resolution is a hard skill to develop if you don’t have a conflict but completing this item may get you one step closer.

Learning about Ethical Leadership (article) – Ethical leadership is a skill that takes time to develop, so here are two articles that will get you closer: The Psychology behind Unethical Behavior and Why Ethical People make Unethical Choices.

Leaders as Allies (podcast) – As community members, students, and leaders we have very important roles that require us to be allies. The consequences of not being a good ally is explored in Rehana Mohammed’s podcast “The Way We Lead: Understand Intersectional Identities with Rehana Mohammed.”