The Student Leadership Awards Ceremony is coming up next week and we can hardly wait! With it being virtual we realize the atmosphere might feel a tad different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it. As a senior who has been to many events on campus, I’m here to tell you how you can make your own MSUM atmosphere right from your living room couch.

Bring your friends and family

Are you quarantining with friends or family? Make it an event for your whole household. If you’re nominated for an award, it’ll be more fun if you have people by your side cheering you on. Make it a little more fun by acting like you would if you were at an on-campus event. Cheer when they announce the nominees (no one will be there to tell you to hold the applause) and cheer louder when they announce the winners.

For the family and friends that aren’t in your household, share the link with them so they can watch with you. Here’s something virtual events have on physical events: Anyone can come! All your relatives can come to support you, no matter how far away they live.

Your favorite snacks will be on the menu

Whether it’s a salad or pizza, you get to choose what snacks you’ll be eating during the awards ceremony. It might not be a free snack, but you’re guaranteed to enjoy it because you’ll be picking it out. You can also make it a special treat that you don’t normally get. Order ice cream to be delivered at your door, buy some movie theater popcorn or buy your favorite candy bar (bonus points if you order from a small business!).

You can wear… Anything!

I’ll be dressing up in the prettiest dress I can find in my closet without even bothering with heels. You can do the same as me and make this night a formal affair, you can mix it up with a fancy top and PJ bottoms, go full-on PJs, or just go crazy with a Halloween costume because why not? It’s all up to you and what you want to wear. We recommend picking out a specific outfit for the event, even if its PJs, so it feels like the special occasion it is. Oh, and make sure you post your outfit on your story tagging us!

You can watch it whenever

With Zoom we can record meetings, which is exactly what we’ll be doing for the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony. This means that if you must miss the event you can still watch it like everyone else. This also means that any relatives who can’t make it for the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony but wanted to watch it can do so later.

Have no fear! Take pictures from home

You can make this into a great photo opportunity! If you’re a little bit artsy you can create your own photo booth, but that’s not required. Grab everyone who watched the ceremony with you in your outfits of choice with your snacks of choice and get a picture to remember the night by. Post the picture tagging us and we’ll add it to our story so we can all celebrate together. Let’s make this virtual event something to remember.