Equity and Inclusion is an important Pathway for everyone to work on – and we hope you’ll take some time to look at both the virtual events and items you can complete on your own time. While making progress on this Pathway, you’ll develop skills that will teach you about being fair, respectful, and accepting. Sound like the perfect way to stretch your MSUM Heart muscles.

Just because class is online, doesn’t mean that you can’t be practicing these skills on your own. The Equity and Inclusion Pathway has plenty of on-your-own time and events that have gone online. We’re here to tell you what they are.

Learn about Equity and Inclusion through videos, podcasts, and articles

Personal Pronouns: The first on-your-own time item is watching a video and reading an article on personal pronouns. Does it confuse you when people ask for your pronouns? Do you not understand why some people go by they/them pronouns? It’s okay to be confused, because here’s your opportunity to learn!

Building an Inclusive Community: With this on-your-own Pathway item you are given 4 options and you pick 3, so you get to enjoy some wiggle room. Being able to build an inclusive community is an important skill to have, whether you use it to improve a student org you’re a part of or your work environment. Do 3 of the 4 below and carry this skill with you for life.

  • (Article) What to say instead of getting defensive: Sometimes, on your journey to be more inclusive you might say or do something that hurts another person unintentionally. If someone corrects you, don’t get defensive. Instead, apply what this article teaches you.
  • (Article) When empathy is not enough: To check off this item, you just need to read this article on why empathy sometimes isn’t enough and what you can do to be a true ally.
  • (Video) Inclusivity in our workplace: This TED Talk will get you inspired to take action to promote diversity in your workplace instead of just talking about it.
  • (Video) Inclusive Language: Here’s another TED Talk option! Camellia Bui talks about how important it is to mindfully use inclusive language. After watching it, don’t forget to answer the reflection questions!

Learn about Intersectional Identities: Do you know what intersectionality means? If you don’t, take the time to watch this TED Talk and learn more about intersectional identities.

Learn about Systemic Oppression: Systemic Oppression can be a complicated topic, but this short video boils it down to simple terms.

Go to virtual events that teach you more about Equity and Inclusion

There are a lot of virtual events that are planned right now. Why not use them to check off part of the Equity and Inclusion Pathway? Here are some of the events being held that can apply to this Pathway.

Feminist Fridays: The MSUM Women’s Center is hosting weekly events on their Facebook page! Each week they’ll discuss a topic that is focused on feminist and queer issues. To participate, tune in on their Facebook page every Friday at noon.

Queer-antine Story Time: The MSUM Rainbow Dragon Center is holding live story times every Tuesday and Thursday until May 7th on their Facebook page. They’ll be reading LGBTQ+ children stories on these days at 3:30 pm. Whether you’re looking for something to pass time or if children are part of your quarantine crew, this is a perfect little activity for everyone!

The Birds, the Bees, and the Virus: At 2 pm April 15, go to the Women’s Center Instagram page @msumwc_rdc to watch an Instagram Live hosted by Ponny White. Ponny will talk about practicing safe sex while social distancing, so don’t miss it!

A Clan of Their Own: Please join us in celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month by attending this virtual seminar featuring. Dr. Brian V. Xiong, who will be talking about the expediences of being a minority within another minority community with special focus on Hmong/Asian American LGBTQIA+ individuals and taboo issues related to mental health/healthcare areas. The first 20 people to reserve a spot on DragonCentral and attend will receive the book “A Clan of Our Own: The Coming out Experiences of Gay Hmong Men” by Dr. Xiong!

There’ll be many, many more events coming up, so don’t miss a single one by checking in on DragonCentral now and then!