Friday, Feb. 7 | 3 p.m. | Hagen 325

I Build Robots for NASA!…. Looking Back on How I Got Here
by Tyler Lane (NASA JSC)]

This is my story about how I grew up in a small town in Minnesota, pursued higher education, carved my own path, and ultimately achieved a dream I had since I was eight years old.

Turning that dream into reality required not only studying hard, but some soul searching along the way. I needed to walk a different path than I had originally planned when I arrived at MSUM. My first year of graduate school, I found myself adrift on the sea of knowledge and didn’t know where to dock my ship. I had my big break with a NASA internship. I was hooked and I spent more time trying to get back. Through struggles, other opportunities emerged but I kept true to my desire to help others and work at NASA. That work led to the Pathways Internship Program at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) which eventually turned into a full-time job.

I have worked at NASA JSC full time since August 2017 and look forward to the many years ahead of me in my career as an engineer at NASA.