Feb. 26 | 7:30 p.m. | CB 111

Please join us for the second installment of the Dr. Paul Harris Lecture Series featuring Dr. Jess McCullough. His topic will be: “Performing the Past: Neofolk Music, Archaeology, and Imagined Prehistory.” We study the past because of what it means about the world we live in today. Popular culture presents history as a time of adventure and mystery. Nationalist retellings of the past create political “origin myths” used to rally the patriotic spirit or to justify atrocities. An upswing in the popularity of all things “Viking” in recent years has also swelled the ranks of neofolk musicians, performers who attempt to create a musical atmosphere that hearkens back to an earlier (pre?)historic period. In this lecture, Dr. Jess McCullough will explore the use of archaeology and history in the performance of neofolk music and examine what we can learn from it.