Tuesday, Jan. 28 | 7-9 p.m. | CMU 205

There will be a screening of two short films and a discussion focused on Native American Issues.
| CMU 205 | Refreshments provided.

NL3 Documentary – presented by Alexander Aman
The No Line 3 documentary is a film about the line 3 oil pipelines the is set to be gone through Minnesota tribal lands and water ways. It addresses the infringement of treaties between the u.s. government and the Minnesota Ojibwa reservations. As well as the environmental impacts threat the pipeline will have on Minnesotans livelihoods.

Zhaagoojitoon – presented by Thomas X

A film addressing the opiate epidemic through cultural remediation. This film emphasis the importance of utilizing Native American culture as a rehabilitative means to recovery. The film incorporates music as a communicative medium to connect with a younger generation of addicts.

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