MSUM’s ties to Holiday Lights in Lindenwood Park:

-This week MSUM students are taking tickets (National Student Speech Language Hearing Association/Collegiate Sertoma MSUM student group).

-MSUM has an awesome light display each year (that has been voted the top display some years)

-Monday and Tuesday (Dec. 9-10th) are MSUM nights where complimentary tickets to Dragon sports event are handed out

-Fargo-Moorhead Sertoma donates funds from Holiday Lights to MSUM’s Speech Language Hearing Sciences projects and scholarships each year.

-MSUM professors Nancy Paul, Maribeth Plankers and recently retired Bruce Hanson are FM Sertoma members. We can often be seen putting up displays, getting the volunteers set up/turning on the lights, or working the booth.

Thanks for supporting this annual event.