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Get Hyped for Homecoming with David Hoeschen

Get Hyped for Homecoming with David Hoeschen

Do you have Dragon gear lined up for the next week? Are you counting down to your favorite event(s)? Is your voice prepped for optimum cheering? 

Homecoming is just around the corner, so that means it’s time to start feeling that Dragon Pride and get excited. Who better to get hyped for Homecoming with than MSUM’s own “hype man” David Hoeschen?

A member of the Go! Team, David sees MSUM’s Homecoming in all its glory. So we asked him what he does to prepare for the constant cheering, the exciting events, and a full week of Dragon Pride.

How do you get hyped for Dragon Pride?

It’s something I just really got into right away. As soon as I toured here I was like “I’m excited. I want to be a Dragon. I’m ready to go.” So it’s just a daily thing. When I get to work, whether it’s in admissions (David is one of the smiling faces that show potential Dragons the campus) or athletics, it’s awesome. I usually down a Mountain Dew for the energy, then I play my music, drive to Nemzek or admissions and get ready to get excited, get people going and excited for MSUM.

What’s your favorite part about being a Dragon?

I just love the environment of MSUM and the people that are a part of it. It’s a very inclusive environment with a lot of people who bring different things to the table. It’s a very intertwined group of people who find common ground and find interests in differences as well, so I love that about MSUM and being a Dragon.

What’s your favorite Homecoming event?

I obviously love the football game. That has to be my favorite event. It’s just great to see so many people: students, community members, alumni coming back to MSUM just to celebrate. That’s an incredible environment. It’s one of my favorite memories of MSUM.

Are you ready for this year’s Homecoming?

Yes, we’re always ready. It always works out. There’s some fun things going on this year with the Endzone Extravaganza. We’re trying to get everything in line for a fun and memorable event. 

Personally, for myself, I’m always ready for Homecoming. I wish I could live every week like it’s Homecoming Week because you have all the school spirit, everyone who is excited about being a Dragon and a community member in Moorhead, and you have a ton of fun fans. You get to meet so many people. I’m always ready for Homecoming Week. I’m always set for it.

What do you say to the people who aren’t planning on going to Homecoming events?

What are you thinking? I have a strong attachment to going to campus events. I met my fiancée at a campus event, so I’m always one to advocate for people going to those and meeting new people and getting new experiences. Just go! Even if you don’t like sports, if you don’t like volleyball or soccer or football, or if you don’t like the idea of being in a pool because you can still support people. 

The environment is completely different than it usually is. You make really good memories that way. I would love to see every single MSUM student at Homecoming this year. It’s possible. It’s crazy, but it’d be awesome. So you should go because you’ll have memories and moments forever. FIVE-ever.

To check out the events lined up for Homecoming, click the link to see the calendar.