Dr. Coquyt publishes book, ‘Experiencing Teacher Leadership: Perceptions and Insights From First-Year Teacher Leaders’

Dr. Mike Coquyt, Educational Leadership Graduate Program, L&L, authored a book Experiencing Teacher Leadership: Perceptions and Insights From First-Year Teacher Leaders. This is the third book published by Dr. Coquyt dealing with the topic of Teacher Leadership. His first book, The Leader Within: Understanding and Empowering Teacher Leaders was published in 2016.  His second book, Growing Leaders Within: A Process toward Teacher Leadership, was published in 2017.

Experiencing Teacher Leadership is unique from most other books about teacher leadership because the focus is on the teachers and their experiences, good and bad, as they transition from classroom teacher into a position of leadership in their school. For some, this transition is seamless, and for some, exacerbating to the point that they question why they entertained this thought in the first place. The hypothesis about the role change is quite simple; those who transition successfully into their new roles better understand the situation, themselves, the amount of support they need, and have knowledge of or have developed particular strategies to cope with this transition. In very simple terms, what is the blueprint for those teacher leaders who experienced success? Can this blueprint or scheme be replicated so that others who are contemplating this transition also find success? It is recommended that anyone considering a transition into a teacher leadership role should read this book first. No doubt, some of the challenges the five teacher leaders in this book confronted will be universal for most first-year teacher leaders.