Dr. Bradbury publishes peer-reviewed book

The peer-reviewed book, The Nexus of Teaching and Demographics: Context and Connections from Colonial Times to Today, by Boyd L. Bradbury, Department of Leadership and Learning, was released last week by Rowman & Littlefield (Lexington Books). The Nexus of Teaching and Demographics: Context and Connections from Colonial Times to Today provides an overview of the evolution of education in the […]

Dr. Hong publishes fourth book

Dr. Chang-Seong Hong, Philosophy, has published his 4th book, Dependent Arising and Emptiness, and Impermanence and Non-Self, in Seoul, Korea (November 20, 2020). This Korean-language book presents Dr. Hong’s contemporary interpretation of Buddhist Philosophy. Its cover photo is below. Dr. Hong’s 3rd book, How Bioscience Meets Buddhism (co-authored with Dr. Sun Kyeong Yu of MSU Mankato), has received from the […]

Dr. Ritland publishes resource book

Dr. Valerie Ritland, recently published a resource book for teachers, school districts, and university teacher preparation programs entitled, Transformative education; relationship based collaboration with parents and colleagues. This resource book is now available through Kendall Hunt publishers at https://he.kendallhunt.com/product/transformative-education-relationship-based-collaboration. Copies have already been sold in Canada, California, Colorado, North Dakota and Minnesota. This book was also recently adopted as a […]

Kupferman publishes book

David Kupferman, School of Teaching and Learning, has recently published the book Childhood, Science Fiction, and Pedagogy: Children Ex Machina, with Springer. Kupferman served as the lead editor of the collected volume (along with his colleague Andrew Gibbons from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand), which includes 12 chapters by contributors from around the world. The book considers the […]