Suzanne Burley is a Mailroom/Copyroom Clerk at Hennepin Technical College and has worked for the State of Minnesota for over 10 years. Suzanne was hospitalized for the first time on 11-13-18 due to vision loss, confusion and balance issues which revealed extremely high blood pressure that resulted in a stroke. Suzanne, who is also diabetic, remained in the hospital for five days while they treated the stroke and worked to get the blood pressure under control. Sue was released with medications to prevent another stroke and treat the high blood pressure, however has since suffered two more strokes (one the day after Thanksgiving and another on 3-13 which resulted in two more hospitalizations). The strokes have caused more damage to her vision in which she is now legally blind in one eye, weakened her strength making it hard to complete daily tasks and caused speech damage in which her ability to find words and speak them has been challenged. It was also determined that she was in stage 5 kidney failure and will be needing dialysis to survive. Suzanne was released from a level 3 acute rehab facility at HCMC to a sub-acute center where she is working on trying to relearn some of the simple tasks that we do every day. As a result of this life-threatening event, Suzanne is unable to work and has exhausted all sick and vacation leave. She has been approved for the Vacation Donation Program and would greatly appreciate any donation she would receive. We know that you have worked hard for your vacation/personal time, so we don’t ask this lightly. Anything you could spare would be so, so, so appreciated.

Any state employee who accrues vacation may donate up to 40 hours per fiscal year, which helps Suzanne maintain her salary and health insurance.

If you would like to donate leave to Suzanne, and you hold a non-faculty position, please:

  • Log into the State Employee Self-Service website (
  • Click on “Other Payroll”
  • Click on “Leave Donations”
  • Click on “Input Your Leave Donations”
  • Click on the magnifying glass next to “Reserve Bank” to open a list of names
  • Choose Suzanne Burley under the list of names
  • Enter the number of hours you wish to donate
  • Click on the yellow “save” box

If you are faculty or an administrator, paper forms are required. Paper forms can be found at or the Human Resources office.

Thank you so much for your support and assistance. – The family of Suzanne Burley