Comstock Memorial Union

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was last week, but it’s never too late to celebrate the women in your life! In honor of this holiday and Women’s History Month, we interviewed some people from Campus Feminist Organization (CFO) and the Women’s Center (WC). Keep reading to learn more about these students and upcoming events!

Our Questions:

1. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

2. Why did you choose to get involved in the WC and/or CFO?

3. What is something other students should know about the WC or CFO?

Emily (she/her)CFO member

  1. I would say International Women’s Day is a celebration of the successes in history that women have made and the feats that have yet to be accomplished.
  2.  I go involved in CFO because my personal interest is as a self-identified feminist and I find it important to have these spaces on campus.
  3.  CFO isn’t just for cis women or women in general, anyone can join CFO as long as they value feminism.

Bahati (she/her)International student studying Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies

  1. International Women’s Day is where we remember all the things that have been done by women and celebrate. Every day is a fight, so we need a day to celebrate.
  2. I got involved because I needed a place where I could find people who would validate my way of thinking and people who would help me evolve into the kind of leader I want to be in the world.
  3. The WC is a place where you can create an opinion from learning from others who visit the center. Only then can you really experience and pass judgement about the WC, it’s not only restricted to women.

Stevie (they/them)CFO Treasurer and Women’s and Gender Studies major

  1. It’s important to have International Women’s Day because it recognizes the experiences of women across the world. I think we should have more than just a day, but it is important.
  2.  I joined CFO because they’re involved in events and projects that line up with goals that I identify with personally. I hang out in the WC because it is a welcoming environment that I feel comfortable in.
  3. We don’t bite 🙂

Talyne (she/her)International student and “Invisible Reality” co-creator

  1. Back in my country, it is a day for women to take off from school and to wear their traditional clothing, but here I see that it’s more of a day to show all of that women before us have done.
  2. I just feel like people are more honest, I look for many honest people to have in my life, they don’t just say “ok” to appease you, I come here for honesty and knowledge.
  3. Don’t be afraid to come here, we welcome all. I’m glad I found out about the WC and I wish more people knew about it, it’s a safe place.

Nora (she/her/they/them)CFO Co-President, Women’s Center Assistant, and Women’s and Gender Studies major

  1. International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the accomplishments of women but also to remember the lives of marginalized women who struggle in our society today.
  2. I did a bit of sex ed. in high school and it just felt like the right place for me to be. I knew I’d be able to find community here.
  3. I wish people knew that we accept everyone with open arms. I want men, trans, and non-binary people to know that despite the name we welcome everyone and invite them to come to CFO events and meetings.I am also in the Women’s Center almost every day, and every day I get to meet someone new and learn something I didn’t know before. I am forever grateful.

Aliyah (she/her)CFO Record Keeper and Women’s Center Assistant          

  1. To me, International Women’s Day means coming together to ignite the passions and power of all women, as well as, celebrate where we have come and how we will continue to grow as a group. It is a day for the inclusion of all women, meaning cis women, trans women, able-bodied and disabled women, low-class/high-class women, women of color, white women, etc.  If someone does not include all of the different classifications of a woman, they don’t support what this day is about. 
  2. I work as an assistant in the Women’s Center. I chose to work here, because I saw it as a door to opportunities rather than just a paycheck. I also wanted to be employed here because I love the events held and what it stands for.  The Women’s Center provides a space for unconditional support and is a place where I can further expand my skills for the future. This is my first year at CFO and I joined because I have been through many events in my life that have left me feeling like I no longer had a voice. Being in CFO has allowed my stories, ideas, and beliefs to be heard without judgment. Overall it is a fun and safe atmosphere where I have been involved in many events and have built relationships!
  3. We love having new people stop by! Everyone in CFO and the people that work and hang out in the Women’s Center are all friendly, vibrant, funny, unique individuals-there is a place for everyone. Don’t be afraid to stop by, the Women’s Center is not just for women!! 

Wondering how you can get involved? Save the date for Smash the Plate-riarchybi-monthly knitting circle, and some special speakers and events for Women’s History Month! Learn more about these events @MSUMWomensCenter on Facebook or @MSUMWomensCtr on Twitter.