Assistant Professor in the School of Art, Carlos Rene Pacheco, will be presenting his work in an artist talk titled, Photographic Artifacts and Virtual Memories, at the Mid-America College Art Association in Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday, October 5.

In conjunction with the conference, Techne Expanding: Tensions, Terrains and Tools, Pacheco is one of eleven artists and MACAA members chosen to exhibit their work in the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Photographic Artifacts and Virtual Memories will focus on three photographic and new media projects; Corrupted, Collective, and Found. Corrupted explores a glitch aesthetic through data-bending and found photographs. Collective is the culmination of an extensive body of work made up of a series of books and videos that utilize live-streaming web-cams at various sites deemed culturally significant. Together, the images and video that comprise Collective explore how we use photography in an increasingly digital and connected world. The third body of work, an extension of Collective, is Found. A continued investigation of found photographs and live web-cams, Found is an ongoing globally collaborative exploration utilizing social media and live streaming web-cams to pinpoint a moment in time and space from multiple perspectives. A virtual link is created between myself and the participants, all of whom are complete strangers, in a questioning of privacy and access to information.