A new policy adopted Feb. 21 changes the Minnesota State Board 1B.3 Sexual Violence Policy and MSUM students played a leadership role in its adoption, according to MSUM President Anne Blackhurst.
“Student Body President Kaleen Krueger, every member of the Student Senate, and several other individuals worked within Students United, the state-wide association of Minnesota State student governments, to clarify sexual assault policies,” said Blackhurst.  “I have been inspired by their hard work on this issue.  They epitomize the meaning behind our mission to change the world by changing lives.”
In a recent memo (link to full memo) Clyde Wilson Pickett, Minnesota State Chief Diversity Officer, said the new policy “provides clarity that consent must be affirmative, i.e., informed, freely given and mutually understood willingness to participate in sexual activity that is expressed either by words or clear unambiguous action. The policy also provides clarifying language on what is and what is not affirmative consent. For example: 
• There is no consent if coercion, intimidation, threats, or physical force are used. 
• The existence of a dating relationship or the existence of a past sexual relationship does not prove or provide the basis for consent. 
• Consent must be present throughout the activity and can be revoked at any time.”
The policy change will be discussed in greater length at the April 25th Town Hall meeting.