Several faculty from the School of Teaching and Learning’s Special Education Program attended and presented at the national Teacher Education Division Conference for the Council of Exceptional Children in Savannah, GA, Nov. 7-10. Faculty collaborated to present findings from their own research and share expertise and experiences in Teacher Education. Presentations included:

  1. A Framework for Problem-Solving Challenges in the Supervision of Field Experiences; Keri DeSutter and Deanne Borgeson.
  2. So, What’s Going On in Rural Special Education?; Marci Glessner and Keri DeSutter.
  3. Teaching Online Graduate Level Coursework in Special Education Assessment: Challenges and Strategies; Deanne Borgeson, Danielle Parenteau, and Marci Glessner.
  4. Preparing Special Education Teachers for Inclusive Education: Could We Do It Better?; Shirley Johnson and Keri DeSutter.
  5. A Higher Education Perspective on Navigating the Special Education Teacher Shortage; Marci Glessner and Deanne Borgeson.
  6. Towards Inclusion of All Learners in Science Teacher Education; Keri DeSutter, Lisa Dembouski (Gustavus Adolphus), Adam Moore (Univ. of R.I.) and Cathy Thomas (Texas State Univ.).