Physics and Astronomy students present at AAVSO meeting

Three students presented research results at the 106th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, Nov. 2-4 in Nashville, TN.

MSUM Physics and Astronomy students Erin Aadland, Andy Block and Jane Glanzer presented posters at the 106th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO about research done using MSUMS’s Paul P. Feder Observatory at the Regional Science Center. At the conference, Erin described a search for new variable stars near a known transiting exoplanet. Andy described software for detecting stars and asteroids in images, and Jane reported a measurement of the distance to a galaxy, M101, based on observations of a supernova observed in 2011.

Travel to the conference was supported by the SABC, the Strong Fund in the College of Science, Health and the Environment, and the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Pictured are three MSUM students and AAVSO Director Dr. Stella Kafka.