Dr. Chang-Seong Hong, Philosophy, translated a Korean-language Buddhist philosophy of history book to English with Dr. Sun Kyeong Yu (Philosophy) of MSU Mankato. Their translation, Enlightenment and History: Theory and Praxis in Contemporary Buddhism by Venerable Hyun-Eung, was published in Seoul Korea, June 2017 and is now available on Amazon. Dr. Hong gave four lectures on Buddhist philosophy based on this translation in Seoul Korea, June 2017. 

Dr. Hong presented a colloquium “Sudden Enlightenment as Revolutionary Enlightenment” at the International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities held in Imperial College, London U.K., in July 2017. Dr. Hong has also co-authored 14 articles on Buddhist bioscience with Dr. Sun Kyeong Yu of MSU Mankato. These articles have been published in a Korean-language monthly Buddhist magazine Buddhism and Culture since September 2016. Drs. Hong and Yu are scheduled to contribute ten more articles to this magazine until August 2018.