Dr. Hong publishes fourth book

Dr. Chang-Seong Hong, Philosophy, has published his 4th book, Dependent Arising and Emptiness, and Impermanence and Non-Self, in Seoul, Korea (November 20, 2020). This Korean-language book presents Dr. Hong’s contemporary interpretation of Buddhist Philosophy. Its cover photo is below. Dr. Hong’s 3rd book, How Bioscience Meets Buddhism (co-authored with Dr. Sun Kyeong Yu of MSU Mankato), has received from the […]

Drs. Hong, Yu publish Korean-language book

Dr. Chang-Seong Hong (Philosophy Department, MSUM) and Dr. Sun Kyeong Yu (Philosophy Department, MSU Mankato) co-authored a Korean-language book How Bioscience Meets Buddhism and have recently published it in Seoul Korea. Drs. Hong and Yu discussed and provided solutions for the philosophical issues of Aristotelian essentialist biology, Darwin’s evolutionary theory, and contemporary molecular biology in light of Buddhist concepts of […]

Dependent Arising: the Buddha’s Enlightenment

Wednesday, Oct. 9 | 4:30 p.m. | MA 165 Dr. Chang-Seong Hong, Philosophy, is going to present a colloquium titled “Dependent Arising: the Buddha’s Enlightenment” on Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 4:30 p.m. (MA165). The Buddha achieved his enlightenment when he realized the truth of dependent arising. Dr. Hong will analyze and interpret the concept of dependent arising from the contemporary […]