Voting information

Every November, we have the opportunity to help shape our country by voting on Election Day. This year, Election Day falls on Tuesday, November 7. Minnesota statute requires state agencies to provide employees and the public with information on your rights as voters. Here is some helpful information you should know as we get closer to the election: 

  • Register to vote. You can register or update your registration at your polling place on Election Day. You will need one proof of residence to register on Election Day.
  • Absentee Voting. Learn about other ways to vote, such as absentee voting.
  • Voting is Your Right. According to Minnesota law and state policy, you have a right to take time off work to vote, without losing your pay or vacation time. If you will need time off to go to the polls, please speak to your supervisor to ensure they are aware of when you will be out. This coordination of time off is important as your coworkers will also need time to vote, and your supervisor may want to work out a schedule that ensures everyone has the time they need to cast their ballot.
  • Know what’s on the ballot in 2017. Only some areas of Minnesota will have elections in 2017. View a map of all jurisdictions with a November 7, 2017 election or check out a sample ballot for your location on the Secretary of State’s webpage.

This November, cast your ballot and make your voice heard.

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