Undergraduate and graduate students engage in many research and classroom projects that involve human subjects. Student research is conducted under the guidance of Faculty Advisors, who are responsible for the professional and ethical conduct of students completing research projects and the protection of human subjects involved in research activities. Faculty Advisors should provide mentoring and supervision to students as they develop, conduct, and complete their research projects.

When University employees and/or students are involved in research conducted with human subjects, the research activity must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please look over the IRB brochure. The full policy is posted on the University Policies & Procedures website. If your activity is research but does not involve human subjects as defined in the regulations your activity does not fall under the purview of the IRB. You do not need to submit an application.

If you have determined that your research does meet the federal definition for human subjects research, you will need to apply for IRB review and approval before you begin.

When in doubt, ask Dr. Lisa Karch, Chair of the MSUM IRB, at irb@mnstate.edu or 218-477-2699.