KMSC interviews ElectroCult Circus

Friday, April 21 | 11:30 a.m. |

Listen to DJ Meditation (Cha Vang, Film Production major) interview ElectroCult Circus on Friday, April 21 at 11:30 a.m. CT. Post questions for them on our Facebook event page

ElectroCult Circus bio reads:

“ElectroCult Circus is an offbeat favorite at regional festivals. An ECC show is a total experience involving burlesque, comedy bellydance, soaring instrumentals and a wall of harmonies are ElectroCult Circus. We have travelled from New York to New Orleans with our merry band of pranksters. Our music has been featured on local radio CD102.5, Spotify. Pandora and IHEARTRADIO Plus hundreds of college radio stations across the country. We have two albums available on Itunes and we are currently working on our third. We are just a figment of your imagination.With no end and no beginning..we have created Robotron 5000, The Skitzo Show, Erotic N Roll, Oddfest, Trulie Awesome Show, Oddfellows Oddities Talkshow, and more…you may have seen us travelling and playing our tunes. make a station of our music on Pandora now..and stay tunes, we’ve only just begun…We also have a strong, loyal following that grows by the day.”