Friday, March 24 | 3-3:50 p.m. | Planetarium (Bridges 167) 

Title: Andromeda: From Princess to Galaxy
Presenter: Tyler Meehleib
Summary: I will cover the story of Princess Andromeda, and then discuss the properties of the Andromeda galaxy.

Title: Moons of the Solar System
Presenter: Andrew Block
Summary: The Moon has amazed and intrigued people for centuries. With the dawn of space exploration, our moon became one of a myriad of moons throughout the Solar System. The moons of our solar system are some of the most interesting celestial bodies we can study. Their varied characteristics reveal the diverse geologic processes, internal physics, and even the potential for life occurring throughout our solar system. This talk is an overview of a handful of these moons, what we know about them, and what we can learn from them going forward. With the help of the planetarium’s Uniview software we will fly out into the solar system to view some of these moons up close to gain a better appreciation of their unique characteristics.