By Lexi Byler, MSUM Marketing Intern

MSU Moorhead’s Robert Noyce Grant Project gives current students majoring in science or mathematics, or community members who’ve received a STEM degree, the opportunity to earn a teaching license free of cost. This semester, MSUM awarded four student scholarships to David Cord, Christian Larson, Brooke Mayer and Jennifer Williams.

David Cord received a degree in geology from Illinois State University. After working in exploration geology in Alaska, he moved to Morris with his fiancée and looked into teaching, which is how he found out about MSUM. Now in his first year at the university, he’s excited to continue his education through the Noyce program. He first found his passion for teaching through Boy Scouts, where he had the opportunity to teach skills and lead activities. Having always been into rock collecting and exploring geological features, he looks forward to sharing his knowledge in the classroom. He’s also eager to take advantage of the learning and training opportunities Noyce provides.

After coming to MSUM because of its excellent reputation in producing highly qualified teachers, sophomore Christian Larson chose to major in chemistry education and chemistry with an emphasis in biology. He chose chemistry because he hopes to change the negative experiences some people have in high school. Interested in teaching from a young age, he looks forward to achieving his long-term goal through the Noyce program. He’s excited about the opportunities the scholarship program provides, such as workshops, meetings and conferences.

Brooke Mayer found her way to MSUM after learning about the impressive biology program and the small class sizes. After earning her degree in biology with an emphasis in health and medical sciences, she returned to the university to earn a degree in life science education. She’s always loved learning and working with students, and hopes to do just that once she graduates with her second degree. Like the other scholars, she too looks forward to the learning opportunities the Noyce program provides, such as attending discussions and conferences.

Junior math education and mathematics student Jennifer Williams came to MSUM because of the prestigious reputation of the education department. She also appreciates the small class sizes, allowing her to feel more comfortable approaching her professors. Teaching was always in the back of her mind, but she was originally hesitant about entering the field. Once her son entered adolescence and she began interacting with his peers, she realized teaching would be fulfilling for her. She hopes to use her love of math to help students understand and succeed and is excited to grow through Noyce’s professional development opportunities.

Applications for the program are available until March 29. Apply today:

Jennifer Williams
Brook Mayer
David Cord
Christian Larson