Dille Fund for Excellence Grants

Please join us in congratulating this year’s Dille Fund for Excellence Grant recipients: 

Rachel Stotts (Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences): 2nd Annual Community Autism Forum

Kenyon Williams (School of Performing Arts): Percussion Mallet Library

Donna Bruns Stockrahm (Biosciences): Digitizing the Richard. H. PEmble Herbarium as a Resource for the Region and World

Donna Bruns Stockrahm (Biosciences): Utilizing Game Cameras in Wildlife Studies

Pam Werre (Library): Themed Resource Kits — Co-applicant: Marilyn Labrensz (School of Teaching and Learning)

Karl Leonard (Anthropology and Earth Sciences): DJI Phantom 4 Professional Drone for Unmanned Aerial Systems Studies at MSUM — Co-applicant: David Kramer (Anthropology and Earth Sciences)

Patricia Wisenden (Biosciences): Aquatic Vertebrates Reproductive and Behavioral Responses to Known Chemically Polluted Waters — Co-applicants Ellen Brisch (Biosciences); and Erica Everson, Nicole O’Neill, Evan Ekhator, and Akira Shastri (Biosciences students)

Brian Wisenden (Biosciences): Cortisol-Dependent Learning in Zebra Fish — Co-applicant: Shawn Garrett (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Brian Wisenden (Biosciences): Variation in Morphological and Behavioral Phenotyples in Annual Killfish

Sara Anderson (Biosciences): Phylogenetic Analysis using Mitrochondrial DNA for Turtles in Clay County MN — Co-applicant: Jordan H. White (Biosciences student)

Brian Wisenden (Biosciences): Shark Lagoon

Sumali Pandey (Biosciences): Cytospin for Cell Biology related Research, Teaching and Outreach

Adam Stocker (Biosciences): Developmental Timing of Emx2 Gene Expression in Sensory Area Specification’


Learn more about the Dille Fund for Excellence Grant at mnstate.edu/academicaffairs.