As the semester comes to an end, there is a number of tasks organizations at MSUM need to complete.

Submit Your Budget for FY18

First off, if your organization wishes to receive funds for the 2018 fiscal year (FY18), you will need to submit your application to the SABC (Student Activities Budget Committee) by December 16th via the “SABC Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Budget Submission Form” found under the Campus Links section of DragonCentral. More information can be found here. Sandy Schob is also holding a training session on Wednesday, November 30 at 5:15pm in CMU 203. If you have any additional questions, please contact Sandy at

Update/Review Your Constitution

It is also important that organizations review and update their constitutions and submit them to the Office of Student Activities. At a minimum, revisions should be made regarding the Office of Student Activities required statements as some of those have changed as of last April. This includes Minnesota State’s non-discrimination statement and student organization constitutions having a final approval with Student Senate rather than SOAC, which no longer exists. Constitutions should be updated and submitted to the OSA via the “Student Organization Constitution Submission Form” found under the Campus Links section of DragonCentral.

Update Organization Officers

Also, an important reminder to officers that if your organization has changed officers, you will need to fill out a “Change of Office Request” which can also be carried out on DragonCentral and found under the Campus Links section as well. Part of this process will be to update your DragonCentral Organization roster and if you have new officers that have not signed the OSA Officer Agreement, you will need to print it out and have them sign the agreement. Please note that the link to said document is within the form on DragonCentral.

Additional Reminders

As an additional reminder to student organization officers, please turn in any fall semester reimbursement requests prior to the end of the semester and encourage your members to log their volunteers and service hours on your organization’s DragonCentral page. To do so, you will need to go to your organization’s page and click the “Service Hours” tab on DragonCentral.

Also, if your organization already has events planned for the spring semester, the OSA office encourages you to add your spring events and meetings to your organization’s page in DragonCentral. Be sure to make room reservations through Virtual EMS, contact Scheduling Services at for vehicles and rooms on campus, or contact the CMU Administration Office in CMU 222 or e-mail for CMU reservations.

Advertising Events

KMSC has also developed a process for advertising upcoming events on KMSC. You can read about how to get your event advertised below, and you can refer to the Advertising Opportunities page for other ideas on how to advertise your events.

Running Ads for on campus events and student organizations
If you are interested in advertising events or promoting student organizations on air through KMSC radio, there are a few steps and rules you must follow. KMSC is a non-profit organization; this means that KMSC cannot run ads for events/student organizations that are for profit.

Steps/Rules for the process of having your ad read on air:

  1.  Contact us and write a 15 to 30 second script for your ad and give it to us (preferably through email ( so we can archive it).
  2.  Ads should include dates, locations, and times (if applicable) as well as the name of the group sponsoring the event.
  3.  Ads must be pre-approved by KMSC Staff; we have the right to reject ads if we deem them inappropriate or against our policies.
  4.  Contact us a minimum of a week in advance.
  5.  We will run the ad for up to two weeks or until the event has passed.
  6.  These rules are subject to change/updating.

If you are interested in recording an ad to be played on air, please contact the Heads of Staff. Please note this can be a longer process.

If you are unsure if your ad is okay, or if you have any questions, contact one of the Heads of Staff ( or visit their office in FF239).