Thursday, Oct. 13 | 2 p.m. | Faculty Development Center (LI 124)

The Writing Support Center will be offering a workshop on “Scaffolding Assignments” this Thursday at 2 p.m. in the Faculty Development Center.

This interactive workshop, led by Dr. Tim Decker, will discuss how smaller research assignments (“scaffolding assignments”) can help develop the skills students need to create larger, more involved research papers. 

We will discuss different types of activities and assignments that can serve as scaffolding. We will also discuss the process of developing writing assignments backwards, i.e., designing the most involved paper first and then developing activities that lead up to it.

Feel free to bring your own research assignments to this session for discussion—whether they be for smaller or longer types of writing.

Other upcoming sessions include:

  • Teaching Writing to ESL Students – Wednesday, Oct. 26th, 9 am. in LI 124
  • Grading Effectively and Efficiently – Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 2 LI 124