It’s not too late! The Combined Charities Campaign ends Friday.

Pledges do not automatically renew, so update your pledge for this year’s campaign. Funds raised from the campaign help support worthwhile efforts in your hometown and neighboring communities. 

The campaign is used to inform state employees about the opportunity to make charitable donations using payroll deduction. This is a convenient way to give to multiple organizations and allows charities to budget and plan reducing their administrative costs. Payroll deduction gives state employees an easy place to locate their charitable contributions for tax reporting purposes. State employee donations help support over 1,400 charities representing a wide variety of health, education, environmental, arts and social service programs. There are 37 approved charitable federations to choose from representing hundreds of charities working in communities across Minnesota. Many of these federations allow you to designate your gift to a specific charity or nonprofit group.

Please consider helping us raise money for charities doing great work in our community and state. Every donation counts and makes a difference to someone in need.

You can easily make your pledge online using the Self-Service website. For more information about participating charities, please visit the Combined Charities website.

Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who has pledged!