Dr. Coquyt Publishes ‘The Leader Within: Understanding and Empowering Teacher Leaders’

Dr. Mike Coquyt, Educational Leadership Graduate Program, STL, co-authored a book, “The Leader Within: Understanding and Empowering Teacher Leaders,” along with Dr. Brian Creasman. Creasman is an adjunct professor at Concordia University in Portland, Ore. 

The purpose of the book is to assist schools in developing effective teacher leaders based on national teacher leader standards. The end goal is the creation of a school culture committed to raising student achievement, through a clear focus on teacher leadership. The heart of effective teacher leadership is empowering teachers to be leaders in their school and district. Though the focus of this book is teacher leadership, teacher leaders will be first to say that teacher leadership is about making sure that at the end of the day, every student succeeds.

This book, “The Leader Within: Understanding and Empowering Teacher Leaders,” is designed to provide school administrators and teachers with:

  1. A practical understanding of teacher leadership, using the Teacher Leader Model Standards created by the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium;
  2. Strategies to develop teacher leaders;
  3. Strategies to create a culture of teacher leadership; and
  4. A plan for next steps and professional growth opportunities for teacher leaders.