ED 310 Students Complete Extended Practicum with New Americans from Bhutan

Dr. David Tack’s ED 310 students completed an extended practicum with new Americans from Bhutan. This project was done in coordination with MSUM alumni Jackie Mracek and Aayushi Rimal Devkota at Lutheran Social Services. 

Below is a statement from Jackie on behalf of her group:

What a wonderful experience with students from the Education 310 class at MSUM! 15 New American Seniors paired up with the college class for a meaningful learning project for everyone involved. Education students learned how to work with students who do not speak the same language as them, work with an interpreter, and learn about Bhutanese Refugees. Seniors were given the chance to talk about their life in Bhutan, life here in Fargo, and what they want for the future. Everyone enjoyed telling their stories and sharing pictures from home. It was the perfect time to practice English and make a new friend! We shared a potluck together and the groups presented on what they learned on the last day. We are all very thankful for the experience!