We are working on the next issue of the Moorhead Magazine, and we want to feature a broad theme of people working in the health and medical sciences field. BUT, we’re not simply looking for doctors! Here are some ideas to broaden your thinking of alumni you think would be good to feature in the magazine:

* medical illustrator, writer, author
* pilot who flies for hospitals
* person working with medical marijuana
* medical waste management
* medical researchers (cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc.)
* doctors beyond borders
* businesses development related to health/wellness (owner of company who makes fitness equipment, sports specializations like Frappier, etc.)
* chiropractor who specializes in infant or prenatal care
* lobbyist/PR/development, etc., for a medical or health organization (Mayo, Hospice, etc.)
* medical examiner/coroner
* funeral home director/mortician
* owner of health products company, vitamin company, etc.
* nutritionist
* child psychologist
* medical studies companies (Novu, Lillestol, etc.)
* art/music therapist
* actor who has appeared on medical TV shows like Code Black or Grey’s Anatomy
* plastic surgeon doing work overseas
* nurse practitioners/physician assistants
* construction management/operations management alum working in medical field
* artist/photographer (featuring Hospice patients, children dying, etc.)
* professor/researcher

* interesting research on campus
* cadaver program
* graduate acceptance rates for medical school
* NCIS type class at the science center
* campus medical mission trips (nursing)

PLEASE send your ideas and suggestions to Kristi Monson, kristi.monson@mnstate.edu or x2110 by Friday, April 8.