Fargo City Commission votes to approve $10,000 for Brad Bachmeier’s brick sculpture proposal as its first Public Art Project.  Bachmeier’s proposal is to create a whimsical interactive playground feature with seating elements as a centerpiece for the new Madison Skate/Bike Park in North Fargo.  This Brick Sculpture will be designed by ceramic artist Brad Bachmeier and a leadership team of 6th-12th grade youth from the Legacy Children’s Foundation with input from the community as a whole.  Madison Elementary school children will participate in an integrated language arts and clay sculpture experience to help inform design ideas and create ownership in the finished project. The sculpture will intend to enhance healthy playground activity for elementary age children and their families while showcasing neighborhood cultural design features.  The sculpture will incorporate seating elements for all ages and will take the idea of familiar indoor furniture and transform it into fantastical outdoor furniture meant to be climbed on and explored helping facilitate neighborhood relationships and pride while promoting healthy activity.

MSUM’s  School of Visual Arts will support the project in kind through kiln access and providing ceramic and art education students service learning opportunities to get involved throughout the planning, community involvement and making process.